THE Solution Provider
Faschang is know as “THE Solution Provider” and “a one-stop shop” – we work with clients mainly from the aviation, automotive, machine engineering, electrical, furniture, medicine and food industries.
We have a modern advanced-development department and highly efficient machinery with latest technical standards! For example, the new PARPAS 63 XS milling machine in which we can process very large workpieces up to 6000mmx3000mmx1500mm.
To safeguard and continuously improve our product quality and processes, we have a future-oriented QM and process management. Since 2007 we have been certified for ISO 9001 standard and since 2015 to EN9100 standard for aviation.
Our TÜV certificates confirm our excellent performance.
We offer our customers a proven “ALL IN ONE” services as well as high quality, current technical know-how!